advice / recommendation

before the lesson

  • We welcome children from 3 years old in private ski lessons and 4 years for group lessons. When you book, thank you to be truthful concerning your child’s age and give all relevant or particular information to our staff.

  • Every child must have a helmet and a valid ski pass (it’s free if your child is less than 5 years old).

  • Equip them with warm clothes, mittens, sunglasses or goggles, sunscreen, tissues and snacks.

  • Ensuring your child has their lesson card, lift pass and your contact information.

  • Make sure they have been to the toilet before the lesson.

during the lesson

  • Please arrive on time and at the correct meeting point.

  • Do not follow or call out to your child during lesson, it will disturb it.

  • Leave the instructors to decide when to move your child up a level, they are trained to know when it is right for your child. You can trust their experience and professionalism.